Lady Moon & The Eclipse – ‘Star Gazing’

‘Star Gazing’ is the new single from Lady Moon And The Eclipse’s forthcoming album, ‘Journey To The Cosmic Soul’. The Brooklyn based group are known for their tranquil blend of pop, R&B, and Afrobeat.

Comprising Ngonda Badila on lead vocals; Ntangou Badila and Nkoula Badila and backing vocals, with Nkoula also on Percussion; Arlen Hart on keyboards; Jonathan Camuzeaux on bass; and Ken Reichl on drums. The group sings witty and inspirational lyrics, with Lady Moon – Ngonda Badila – the true star of the show, singing with confidence and precision.

The video, shot by Jonah Best, showing Brooklyn and its brownstone buildings at their radiant height. He shows the city as a place of magic and wonder, filled with colour and light. Lady Moon dance and sing on the front stoop of their apartment, before we follow them into the woods where they dance and sing, as if in another dimension.

Find out more about Lady Moon And The Eclipse from their official website.

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