‘War Of The Worlds 2023’ Is The Enchanting AI Reimagining Of The 1898 H G Wells Story

Most of us will be familiar with the story of War Of The Worlds; if not the book, then the classic Jeff Wayne musical version, released in 1978 and featuring a cast of the finest singers and musicians on offer at the time. Now, a new version has been released, ‘War Of The Worlds 2023 AI’, and in keeping with the science fiction theme of the original, it’s an AI creation; fusing deep fake celebrity voice models, and Chat GPT ghost writing.

The Jonas Brothers Cover Deluxe Edition Of Switchfoot’s ‘The Beautiful Letdown’

Earlier this month, on August 4th, Switchfoot announced a deluxe edition of ‘The Beautiful Letdown’, with a wide variety of famous guests covering their songs, including the Jonas Brothers covering the title track. Compared to the original 11-track 2003 release, this 20th anniversary edition will feature 25 tracks, with covers, remasters, rewrites, etc. making up the brilliant commemorative album.