Indie Pop Musician Liam Barrack Releases New Song ‘Tryin’

Last week, on the 30th of June, budding indie pop musician Liam Barrack released his latest song across multiple streaming platforms. The guitarist released his first song ‘Sick Kisses’ in December last year, which ended up getting tens of thousands of streams on Spotify and other platforms – now he follows it and another song (‘Bulletproof’) up with his third song – ‘Tryin’ – available now on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and other platforms.

Born and raised in Canada, Barrack has been passionate about music for years and has tried his hand at music production since long before he released his first song, ‘Sick Kisses’. Songwriting comes naturally to him – even in conversation, he thinks of ways to turn what’s on his mind into a topic for a song. He often writes the song unconventionally, out of order, and does get stuck in the writing process at times – but everyone gets writer’s block sometimes, and over time, he has gotten better with dealing with it and understands the process better. Barrack has used his unique production style to his advantage to create his own type of sound – and ‘Tryin’ demonstrates this sound best.

Combining his experience with the guitar with traditional pop instrumentation and style, Barrack puts a unique twist on the genre with his newest song. The upbeat pop instruments create a pleasant ambiance, while the sombre guitar and lyrics help deliver the message of the song – trying to manage a relationship with someone while losing track of yourself at the same time, and the pains that can bring. The song is a smooth listening experience overall, with lyrics that plenty of people can relate to and a pleasant tune accompanying Barrack’s vocals. It’s definitely worth a listen – every stream helps indie artists like Liam keep on making music to their heart’s content.

Visit Liam’s website here.

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