Alt-Rock Artist Jack Hyphen Returns With Single ‘Lifetime’

Today, Jack Hyphen released his latest single ‘Lifetime’. A former member of now-defunct Herefordshire indie band Point Zero, Hyphen fuses together alt-rock and indie-pop in his own way, creating a sound that is distinctly his own – a sound he continues to demonstrate here on his latest track, ‘Lifetime’ – two and a half minutes of mostly alt-rock sound, excellently executed by Hyphen.

Born in the Midlands and currently based in Manchester, Jack Hyphen has been around for the last couple of years, making music for his most dedicated fans from all over England to enjoy. Like the majority of musicians at the start of the decade, Hyphen was hit incredibly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and struggled with making a living as a full-time performer, but took it head-on as a challenge. He wrote some of his most popular music at this time, and ultimately triumphed over the pandemic, coming out of it even stronger and more determined than ever to deliver great music to his audience. He continues to fulfil his passion with ‘Lifetime’ – his latest venture into further exploring his sound.

The song is mostly composed of alt-rock instrumentation – drums, electric guitar, etc. but also incorporates some pop elements. Despite coming down with COVID twice during the recording process, Hyphen still has crystal clear vocals, which allow him to deliver the message of ‘Lifetime’ to his heart’s content – wanting to fulfil your passions, but being held back by the high pressure of doing so. These lyrics don’t just relate to his situation, but are relatable to nearly everyone – trying to make your dreams come true can be one of the most high-pressure things you can do, and something you can only do once in a lifetime. Hyphen’s sound is very pleasant to listen to – you can’t help but listen to more, and luckily, more will be coming – Jack Hyphen won’t be done with music any time soon.

Find out more about Jack Hyphen and his music online on his YouTube channel, as well as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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