Like Machines – ‘Destitute’

‘Destitute’, by Like Machines, is a track that centres around the age-old story of the haves and the have-nots. However, instead of only discussing how bad off the have-nots, Like Machines use their lyrics to point the finger at the so-called haves: people who are more concerned with their “9 to 5” even though the world around them is evidently collapsing.

This strong message is further punctuated by the aggressive guitar riffs in the track and even more so by the vocal abilities of the lead singer who takes influence from music’s greatest rock vocalists, such as James Hetfield from Metallica, M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, and the late and great Ronnie James Dio.

The music video for ‘Destitute’ creates a sense of duality in the social issues that Like Machines are talking about. The video depicts side-by-side storylines of the lives of entirely different men: one is homeless yet good hearted, while the other is well-off, but finding himself bitterly disappointed by life despite his financial status (for a similar yet contrasting video, see Jedward’s clip for their song, ‘Make Your Own Luck’). They encounter each other at the beginning of the video where the well-off man dismisses the homeless individual, but after both of them experience a day filled with pain and downfalls, they meet again, and the man who has all finally takes a second to acknowledge the man who has nothing. Directed by J. Zachary Thurman, this video is an excellent example of what every conscious hard rock band should want their music video to look like. Find Like Machines online on Instagram, and their official website.

Watch the video for ‘Destitute’ here:

Like Machines - Destitute

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