Cash & Carter Set To Release ‘Americana (Letting Her Go)’

British duo Cash & Carter, comprising Birmingham artist Shaun Smith and London producer Ross O’Reilly, are set to release their most recent single, titled ‘Americana (Letting Her Go)’, on September 8th. The song, produced as a tribute to a friend who took their own life, is the first of many to be released from the duo’s upcoming debut EP, and is their first single since ‘All Of The Way’ earlier this year.

Inspired by bands like the Eagles, the Steve Miller Band, and of course, the legendary couple of Johnny Cash and June Carter, nationally renowned and successful artists Smith and O’Reilly formed their new duo after the end of the COVID-19 lockdown. Mixing traditional British country with good old Americana, the duo quickly found success with ‘All Of The Way’, which found its way onto multiple Spotify playlists. Now, with their brilliant new emotional piece, ‘Americana’, the duo are building up towards the release of their debut EP, come January 2024.

Written as a tribute to a close friend who took their own life, ‘Americana’ is a heart-wrenching, raw piece that not only acts as a tribute, but explores the intense emotions the duo felt following the tragedy. Smith’s vocals deliver a heavy message over a simple guitar melody that emphasises the lyrics, with all the elements of the song creating an unforgettable emotional ballad – a brilliant way to remember the memory of a close friend, even in the face of a tragedy that took their life.

‘All Of The Way’ is available for streaming here – stay tuned till September 8th for the release of ‘Americana’.

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