Ashley Best Turns His Experience Into Expression With New Country Single, ‘You Make Me’

Ashley Best’s single, ‘You Make Me’, is his most recent, and it comes from ‘Something’. It tugs at the heartstrings, as he opens up this ballad devoted to his wife, with a huge guitar riff as big as all outdoors, and Best’s voice a warm hug as he sings of his love for his lady. Everything about it is sweet and loving; and the track is just enough for you to want to hit replay immediately after it reaches the end of its four minutes. The accompanying music video, directed by Zak Neese of Brass Lens Media, is set in Best’s Ohio River Valley homeland, where he captures a truly golden hour shared between Best and his wife. The sunlight fades behind them, but the light in their eyes grows brighter than ever.

Austin Martin Writes From The Heart With New Release, ‘Country Drunk’

Ryegate Montana is about as much an advertisement for that state as it comes. Right in the middle, an hour north of Billings, towards the forests and mountains, it’s everything you can think of when you think of Montana: ranches, farms, rolling prairie, open roads, and that big sky.

Cowboy stories in Ryegate certainly aren’t fiction, and country artist Austin Martin, who hails from the town, writes what he’s lived, with his new single and video, ‘Country Drunk’.

Cash & Carter Set To Release ‘Americana (Letting Her Go)’

British duo Cash & Carter, comprising Birmingham artist Shaun Smith and London producer Ross O’Reilly, are set to release their most recent single, titled ‘Americana (Letting Her Go)’, on September 8th. The song, produced as a tribute to a friend who took their own life, is the first of many to be released from the duo’s upcoming debut EP, and is their first single since ‘All Of The Way’ earlier this year.

Jamie Lawson Breaks His Musical Fast With ‘Little Weaknesses’ Announcement

Earlier this month, on the 4th of August, English singer-songwriter Jamie Lawson announced the production of his newest album, titled ‘Little Weaknesses’, along with the release of its first single, ‘Napoleon Dynamite’. His first new work since the COVID-19 pandemic and the birth of his son, ‘Little Weaknesses’ is a brilliant fourteen-track journey into the joys and difficulties of fatherhood and recording music.

The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show Release Single ‘I’m So Angry I Could Vote’

The English group The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show released their latest single, ‘I’m So Angry I Could Vote’, off their upcoming album, ‘Folkadelica’. Detailing the stark contrast between the French and English political situations, where riots in France were caused by a seemingly insignificant decision, while in England, politicians can do what they please without fear of backlash, the song is an energetic anthem that calls for action from the English people.