Austin Martin Writes From The Heart With New Release, ‘Country Drunk’

Ryegate Montana is about as much an advertisement for that state as it comes. Right in the middle, an hour north of Billings, towards the forests and mountains, it’s everything you can think of when you think of Montana: ranches, farms, rolling prairie, open roads, and that big sky.

Cowboy stories in Ryegate certainly aren’t fiction, and country artist Austin Martin, who hails from the town, writes what he’s lived, with his new single and video, ‘Country Drunk’.

Austin Martin has forged a country-rock sound that’s massive enough to fill the big skies overhead, and it’s clear in every lyric he writes, and every note he sings; he’s a man who’s accustomed to hard, and often dirty, work, and he’s not afraid to keep it rowdy. Great lines like “it’s a podunk funk/a red neck career” and “check my mirror/see if I’m still here” express perfectly and set up the story in words his listeners will relate to immediately.

‘Country Drunk’ is a worthy Saturday night party-starter in Ryegate, Billings, or anywhere in the world. With a beat that slams hard, and a guitar riff that gets right into your very soul, the scene is set for Austin Martin, as he tells the story of the day after a wild night. it’s a celebration of hedonism, and also the resilience of those fine people who won’t let anything keep them knocked down – they just get up again and start over.

The music video for ‘Country Drunk’ pretty much picks up where Austin Martin’s previous release, ‘Small Town Nights’ left off. That one was shot outside the Ryegate Bar and Café, a local that’s exactly the sort of place that Austin Martin’s songs should find their setting. ‘Country Drunk’ picks up the next morning, with Martin assessing himself, in a barn, and tries to work out what happened. It’s not long though before he’s got the band all back together, and they’re set up and playing in the front yard, ready to start it all over again.

You can get ‘Country Drunk’ with Austin Martin in his video below, and follow the man himself online on his official website, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Austin Martin - "Country Drunk"  (Official Video)

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