Christopher Shayne – ‘Burn Me Down’

Arizona artist Christopher Shayne refused to stay in his lane when he decided to start out on his musical journey. This rebellious nature comes through in his most recent single, ‘Burn Me Down’.

Shayne has always stayed true to the idea of doing what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. As the main member of Phoenix band, Whiskey Six, he took both his songwriting and the band on a journey to embrace their unique take on southwestern rock music. Although successful with Whiskey Six, he still wanted more, and developed a blend of classic southern and blues influenced rock, complete with modern tones and contemporary twists. Staying true to his band, Shayne composed a 12 track album, ‘Turning Stones’, with former Whiskey Six lead guitarist, Dave Lansing.

Shayne’s latest single, ‘Burn Me Down’, is a rocking number which essentially illustrates everything that he’s about. The song tells the tale of a general unhappiness about growing up, and the realisation of the world as it really is. No matter what your standing in life, you will always have battles to fight. Shayne calls out the music industry as well, and shares his own story of what artists and musicians go through on a daily basis.

The video shows real life scenarios, showing the disillusion of life that many people face. There’s an air of defiance and rebellion, with the protagonists opposing more and more the norms of society. ‘Burn Me Down’ highlights many negatives, but nonetheless Shayne’s desire is to show that it’s all worthwhile if you work through your tough times, with a carefree spirit.

Find Christopher Shayne online on his Facebook account.

Christopher Shayne - Burn Me Down (Official Music Video)

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