Deltino Guerreiro Brings Mozambican Soul With New Release ‘Sonho’

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When Mozambique musician Deltino Guerreiro was brought to our attention we were intrigued to find out a little more about him and his sound, as sadly it isn’t every day artists from Africa reach our shores.

Track ‘Sonho’ gives the perfect taste of what Guerreiro is about; soulful sounds, lyrics in varying languages (Portuguese, English and Macua) and soothing melodies. There’s a funky undertone to the track which makes you want to get up and have a little boogie along to. Such a unique sound has been created following on from travelling the length of his country merging r&b beats with soulful slices mixed in.

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Taken from debut album ‘Eparaka’ due for release in the UK on April 8th, this solo musician has a long history of music being a large part of his life. His mother and grandfather claim his first steps were to the sound of music, and upon moving to Nampula in 2002 to live with his mother and brothers began singing with groups P Record and B Star. Leading to him enrolling on a music course at House of Culture in Nampula learning guitar and giving him the push to move to Maputo which started the vital part of his music career. Entering a talent show in 2011, winning and then studying in Crossroads Music Academy it’s led to him being able to produce his debut album. It’s a true testament that hard work really does pay off!

Check out Deltino Guerreiro on BandCamp, Facebook and Youtube. See below for the official video to track ‘Sonho’ (complete with subtitles!):

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