2023 Recap With Allegra

What a year it’s been for the young rising star Allegra. Still, only at the beginning of her career, with a 2019 single debut, Allegra keeps evolving and building a name for herself. With her early success with singles like ‘All About Us’ ‘Do What You Want’ and ‘If You Wanna Love Me.’ 

The more recent offerings, such as ‘He Ain’t You,’ and the Tiesto collaboration ‘Round & Round’ showcase more of Allegra’s mature artistic side. Not rushing, Allegra is mindful with her releases, always wanting to tell a story and entertain. 

As a dance lover herself, Allegra was able to go ALL OUT with her ‘Round & Round’ music video, which amounted to more than 1.6 million YouTube views. Her Tiesto collaboration was a punch-me-moment for the young star and a career-high, confirming her star quality and courage to dream big. 

With her release pattern, there is a big chance Allegra will return in the New Year with a BANG, and we cannot wait. 

Allegra & Tiësto - Round & Round (Tiësto Remix) | Official Music Video

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