Irish Star CMAT Releases 4th Single, ‘Stay For Something’, From Upcoming Album, ‘CrazyMad, For Me’

Irish chart-topping folk and pop sensation Clara Mary-Alice Thompson, better known by her initials CMAT, has released her fourth single, ‘Stay for Something’, from her upcoming album, ‘CrazyMad, For Me’. Following a long, toxic relationship, a short hiatus from music, and coming to terms with the music industry’s nature, CMAT lets out all her emotions in the brilliant new song, out today, September 5.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Thompson had a passion for music since she was young, and always wanted a career as a musician, moving to England with her boyfriend to pursue her dream as CMAT. Due to a combination of factors, however, her passion started dwindling, and eventually she fell into bad habits and a partying lifestyle. Following a recording session with English singer Charli XCX, she reinvigorated her passion for music and got back on track, breaking up with her boyfriend and returning to Ireland to record her debut, ‘If My Wife New I’d Be Dead’, which debuted atop the Irish albums chart in February 2022. Ever since then, she’s been working on a variety of projects – one of them being ‘CrazyMad, For Me’.

Continuing on with the same fiery passion she had for music when she first moved to England, CMAT lets out all her emotions, not necessarily through her lyrics, but through her vocal performance. ‘Stay for Something’ is an energetic, eclectic, and above all else, emotional piece that’s bound to invoke some feelings in you, even if you can’t relate to CMAT’s past experiences as much as she can. It’s absolutely worth a listen.

Check out the previous singles for ‘CrazyMad, For Me’ through CMAT’s Spotify here. The video for ‘Stay for Something’ will premiere tonight at 6:45 pm.

CMAT - Stay For Something (Official Video)

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