Julian Shah-Tayler Releases New Video For ‘Secret’

Julian Shah-Tayler – also known as The Singularity – has just released his brand-new music video for his single ‘Secret’. You can now watch the video below:

Julian is a Leeds born singer currently living in LA. “Secret” is his fresh new single that was released today, as well as the music video. The singer wrote, produced, and performed the track alongside Robert Margouleff. “Secret” is very light and fun giving the listener an uplifting experience. It’s hard to be in a bad mood after listening.

When talking of the single, Julian says;

“This is a song about heading out into the night of clubs and celebration. Forgetting all of our troubles and tripping the light fantastic as nightlife starts to flourish again…I’ve got this feeling in my bones that we are never going home.”

The video itself makes quite an interesting watch. It was filmed by Alex Tovar in Barstow haunted railway stop. The entirety was filmed in black and white giving off an intriguing and creative contrast – adding to the fun yet haunted vibe.

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