We Speak To Dublin-Based Newcomer Marcus As He Releases His New EP ‘Not Real’ Alongside Single ‘April’

Irish singer songwriter Marcus’s new EP, ‘Not Real’, is out today, preceded by lead single, ‘April’. Lisa had the opportunity to speak to him recently.

Mark Rogers Wants To Tell Us It’s All Going To Be Okay – ‘Just So You Know’

Virginia based artist Mark Rogers with his new single ‘Just So You Know’ out tomorrow August 27, he wants to shine a light on the positives to be found in all this world-wide mess.

Beans on Toast with new book 'Foolhardy Folk Tales'

SPILLING MORE BEANS – Review Of Beans On Toast’s New Book ‘Foolhardy Folk Tales’

Foolhardy Folk Tales is a new collection of stories by singer-songwriter Jay McAllister, who goes by the name Beans on Toast. The follow up to…

The Rising Release New Single 23rd July & Major Festival Appearance

Ahead of the release of their new EP, ‘No Hope Without Love’, song-writing and production duo The Rising will release their new single, ‘Break The Chains’, on July 23.

‘Solas’ By Amie K Is Like A Much-Needed Warm Hug

Out today, ‘Solas’, by Amie K, feels like a warm hug welcoming you home after a long journey. The five track EP follows on from her single, ‘Pink Skies’, which was previously released last month as a Bandcamp exclusive, and is now featured on the EP.

Amie K Drops Gorgeous New Single, ‘Pink Skies’ Exclusively On Bandcamp

Out today for 24 hours only as an exclusive Bandcamp release, Amie K’s new single, ‘Pink Skies’ is a stunning, folk pop track that will pull you in for a (Covid friendly) warm hug, and never let you go.

Parker Longbough – ‘The Youngster’

Back in October 2019 we introduced readers to Parker Longbough, the nom de plume of Matthew Witthoeft, a singer songwriter and musical artist from Anchorage, Alaska. The wide open spaces are strong in his songs, and no less so than in his latest single, ‘The Youngster’, which comes from his fifth album, ‘Crackle and Hiss’. Both single and long player were released on Friday 22 January.

Multi-Instrumentalist James Jones Releases Debut Album ‘Grit, Gravel & Gold’

‘Grit, Gravel and Gold’ is the debut album from Welsh multi-instrumentalist, James Jones. Described by Eamonn Holmes OBE as “a very talented man”, James merges classical and flamenco guitar styles with pop melodies over 13 tracks.

Kenward Releases Debut Album ‘Safe And Sound’

Set for release on December 1, and inspired by his transition into fatherhood, ‘Safe And Sound’ is the debut album from singer-songwriter Kenward. The artist initially wanted to write a song for his son, and found that he instead wrote a concept album, which follows the story of a parent, who is determined to protect their child for the rest of their lives.

Liv Austen Releases New Single ‘Why Don’t You’, Tomorrow

This Friday, the super talented Liv Austen will release a song that I think is very important to her in so many ways because it is born of this love. ‘Why Don’t You’ is a song that tells us we should be as generous to ourselves as we are with the outside world. It is a song that on first hearing sounds like advice but on repeated listening evolves into a mission statement from the singer to herself.

Indie Folk Songwriter Amie K Releases Double Single ‘Playing With Smoke / Glow’

Back in February, before the world went mad, Liverpool based singer songwriter Amie K released her single, ‘Bliss’. In a mere six months everything seems to have gone to hell in a handbasket, but thankfully Amie K is still going strong, and today has released a double A side, ‘Playing With Smoke / Glow’.

Eileen Gogan And The Instructions: ‘Under Moving Skies’ Calls To Mind Other Irish Artists But That’s Not A Bad Thing

When you hear the lyrics of ‘More Time’, the first track on Eileen Gogan And The Instructions new album, ‘Under Moving Skies’, you know it’s by an Irish artist. Sure, you might argue, Eileen Gogan’s very name is a bit of a give away, but I think it goes further than that. There’s a certain melancholy to Irish music; you’ll hear it in The Cranberries, The Corrs, U2 – even more recent Irish artists such as Inhaler, Jedward, Columbia Mills, and Robert O’Connor have it. Kodaline has it. And Eileen Gogan has it in spades.

‘Faith Over Family’: The Pride Month Anthem From Elton John’s Protégé

James Billett, the man who was, for a while, known as Elton John’s protégé, has just released his new single – ‘Faith Over Family’.

Jordan Rome Releases Country Punk 7″ – With A Celtic Twist

Jordan Rome, from Hays, Kansas, grew up without any idea of a social or music scene, and consequently when it came to making music, he didn’t know he should “choose” between different styles. This isn’t of course, a bad thing, as it’s meant that he was able to pick and choose his sounds from a wide variety of genres, the result making his music a fluid combination of country and western, punk, and folk.

Rachael Sage Transforms Painful Experiences Into Beauty And Gratitude With Latest Release ‘Blue Sky Days’, From Upcoming Album ‘Character.

Rachael Sage, the artist who consistently uses her creativity to transform painful experiences into works of art, has done it again.

Indie Singer Peco is Set to Release his Brand New Single This Month!

Irish indie-folk singer Peco is set to drop his first single ‘Some Folk’ of 2020 on the 20th March.

Indie Folk Songwriter Amie K Releases Latest Single ‘Bliss’

Liverpool-based singer/songwriter Amie K has teamed up with frequent collaborator, producer Guy Britton, for her most recent single, ‘Bliss’. Released on January 24, the pop-infused track is an exciting showcase for the singer’s considerable talents.

Mount Hudson – ‘Lakeside Water’

Indie music project Mount Hudson takes the acoustic traditions of American folk and imbues it with modern pop sensibilities. The brainchild of Brooklyn New York artist Dave Yim, who plays acoustic guitar and provides vocals, ‘Lakeside Water’ sees him joined by a cast of seeming thousands, including Marcus Bagala (mandolin, electric guitar), Rob Heath (drums), Andrew Miramonti (organ), and Claire Wellin on violin.

Ruark – ‘When You Coming Home’

South Arkansas natives Ruark Inman and his band bring with their music a taste of their home state, with a primarily folk rock feel but flashes of just about every other genre as well. Latest single, ‘When You Coming Home’, is the title track of their debut album, set for release on 31 January, through Bird Drop.


Quite fitting to their name, the Denver-based duo Astralingua makes music that exists somewhere in liminal space.

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