NEW RELEASE: Stacey Jackson ‘Soldier’ (Acoustic)

Stacey Jackson is known for her energetic renditions of the classic 80s sound with hits like ‘Urgent,’ ‘Flipside’ and the latest single ‘Soldier’ to show for it. For the winding down season, Jackson strips it back to offer an emotional response to the messaging of ‘Soldier.’

With this new acoustic version, we can see, hear, and experience a whole new side to Stacey Jackson and her musicality. With the accompanying music video, you see Jackson alongside her team, raw, talented, serving Hollywood-style studio sessions. 

In this new single version, Jackson offers a more focused production around the powerful lyrics, with an extra dramatic effect cast by backing vocals and cello instrumentations. 

The year may be coming to the finish line soon, but in the upcoming few months, Stacey Jackson will bless us with a full EP and her debut book project titled ‘How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me A Better Mom.’ The word on the street hints at March 2024. 

Stacey Jackson - Soldier (Acoustic)

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