HIT ALERT: NADIA ‘Push The Button’

Northern Ireland pop sensation, NADIA makes a triumphant return with her latest captivating single, ‘Push the Button’. This song is the perfect soundtrack for wrapping up the year in style and hitting up the hottest clubs.

NADIA’s musical repertoire stands as a testament to her immense talent. She’s got this amazing ability to make catchy hooks and choruses that turn any place into an instant party. Ever since she teamed up with Atlanta’s Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing back in 2018, she’s been dropping one impressive track after another.

Remember that collab with Jordan Adetunji, ‘Love Victim,’ and then there has been ‘Cry To Me,’ and this year’s hit, ‘Figure it Out’ – they’re all standouts! Now, ‘Push The Button’ is joining the ranks as another killer addition to her lineup.

In ‘Push The Button’, NADIA takes us on a nostalgia trip with vibes from the ’90s, but she gives it this fresh, modern twist. It’s like a hypnotic electro-dance pop beat that’ll have you hooked from the get-go. The track’s so electrifying and catchy that you’ll be singing,“Bam bam boom baby/Push the button/Turn me on right now/Bam bam boom baby/Push the button/No need to show you how.”

Speaking about her latest glossy release, ‘Push the Button’, NADIA shares, “‘Push The Button’ is my new dance-pop release! It’s about having a crazy strong connection with someone special and longing for them when they’re not around. It’s a fun and feel-good track, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

So, get ready to dive into the world of ‘Push The Button’ – NADIA’s bringing the heat, and you won’t want to miss this musical journey!

Listen to the premiere of ‘Push The Button’ out now.

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