Baker Grace Is Having ‘Midnight Thoughts’ With Her New Single

Baker Grace shares with us her ‘Midnight Thoughts’ in her new single. The follow up to her 2019 EP, ‘Girl, I Know’, she shares with us her desires, needs, and ambitions, as well as her distrust of her own strange impulses, and her flashes of sudden late-night revelation.

We all know what it’s like late at night, laying awake, thinking over the events of the day, and mulling over what we’ve done, what we could have done, what we should have done; we become reflective and pensive. It’s a time for inspiration as well, and that’s how Baker Grace sees it as she shares with her listeners her most personal reflections in ‘Midnight Thoughts’. With ethereal vocals, glorious verses and choruses, she lets it all out, in pure confessional pop style.

The smooth synths and propulsive beats of ‘Midnight Thoughts’ are catchy and the lyrics are forthright and sharp shooting, but it’s Baker Grace who is clearly the star of the show, her voice fully channelling that feeling we all know as we approach midnight, sleeplessly thinking over and over what could have been and what yet may be.

The video for ‘Midnight Thoughts’ is equally compelling, with Baker Grace’s elegant personal style and effortless sexiness showcased in the clip. The idea of midnight as a hinge between day and night is brought to life by way of an hourglass, which, when turned, changes everything around the singer. One moment, she’s in a car with a lover, and the next, she’s on a desolate beach at night. We see a leather-clad figure with a countdown clock on the visor of his motorcycle helmet, as well as a shower of sparks, flashes of heat, intimations of trips taken too far. All in all the effect is dreamlike, and somewhat haunting, and leaves us excited for what is yet to come from this artist.

Watch the video for ‘Midnight Thoughts’ below, and follow Baker Grace online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Baker Grace - Midnight Thoughts (Official Music Video)

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