Brigitte Aphrodite – ‘Creshendorious’

11692527_10153517020503128_6981214758682523978_nSinger, songwriter, poet, and feminist showgirl, Brigitte Aphrodite, releases her new single, ‘Creshendorious’, taken from her electrifying musical that she has written and performs in, ‘My Beautiful Black Dog’, which will be coming to the Latitude and Edinburgh Festivals in Summer 2015.  The new single will be released August 07 2015 and will be available to buy digitally through Beautiful Black Dog Records and will also be on her forthcoming album that is due to be released in Autumn 2015. All supporters of Brigitte Aphrodite’s Kickstarter will receive a complimentary download of the track. 

The song ‘Creshendorious’ is a musical form of spoken word that is rhythmic and dynamic with a hip-hop style instrumentation and lyrics that are “on the spur of the moment” and “off the top of the head” with a comedic and honest realism.  The song starts with an intimate finger style acoustic guitar and chilled out bass that breaks into a hip-hop beat with quiet samples and brief melodies that swell in the background ambience and begin to build as the song starts to take the form of a crescendo. As the music is introduced, the lyrics begin with an “in your face” spoken word vocal telling a painfully honest yet strangely humorous story that ascends into a chorus like hook with a more vocalized singing style. The intensity of the vocals and the dynamics of the instrumentation begin to swell and build as the song finally reaches a climax both lyrically and musically.
11412212_10153454128643128_7403363077396583560_nBrigitte Aphrodite,  not only will be starring in her musical, ‘My Beautiful Black Dog’, coming to Latitude and Edinburgh Festivals in Summer 2015. but will also be performing her music at The Lexington, in Islington, London coming up on July 12th. Check out her tour dates:

12 July 2015 – Bash Bosh @ The Lexington, Islington – Tickets 

18 July 2015 – Poetry Arena @ Latitude Festival, Suffolk – Tickets

18 July 2015 – Cabariot with Frisky & Mannish – Tickets

30 & 31 July 2015 – My Beautiful Black Dog Previews @ Hackney Showroom – Tickets

1 August 2015 – My Beautiful Black Dog Previews @ Other Place, Brighton – Tickets

6-16 August 2015 – My Beautiful Black Dog @ Belly Button, Underbelly, Edinburgh – Tickets

The new album by Brigitte Aphrodite was written in collaboration with Quiet Boy and all the songs were produced by Nick Trepka. The new album will feature the amazing track ‘Creshendorious’ that is drawn from the musical she will be performing in called, My Beautiful Black Dog. The show is described as,

“Black dog is what Winston Churchill used to call his depression… I have a beautiful black dog and I call her Creshendorious.”

11231031_10153480036483128_4775041694914460435_nAnother description of My Beautiful Black Dog is explained as, “This exhilarating show challenges the urgent stigma around mental health and encourages the audience to take ownership of their own black dogs through infectious dance moves, swagger-boss costumes and banging tunes surrounded by silver streamers, sequins and sparkles. Brigitte is championing a new kind of ‘gig theatre’ which draws as much on the history of rock and roll as it does traditional theatrical performance.”
For music and info on Brigitte Aphrodite and the new single, ‘Creshendorious’ released August 07 2015, check out her Soundcloud, Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Or, check out the Brigitte Aphrodite website.


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