Irish Rock Band Outsound Release New Single ‘Hardcore Daisy’

Out tomorrow on all streaming platforms, ‘Hardcore Daisy’ is the latest single from Irish rock band, Outsound.

Combining elements of progressive and hard rock to create a unique fusion of the two genres, Outsound have been experimenting with their own style since they formed around half a decade ago. Now, the Emerald Isle band seek to demonstrate their sound further to the world with their latest piece of work.

Outsound have been taking an experimental approach to their music ever since they were formed back in early 2018. Based in Cork, the band have been touring around the city and other towns in Ireland ever since their inception, gaining a devoted fan base due to their unique approach to rock performing, which isn’t just a fusion of progressive and hard rock, but takes elements of other genres such as blues, grunge and heavy metal. The group now seeks to expand further outside of Ireland, releasing their works worldwide, starting with the aptly named ‘Hardcore Daisy’.

The track draws inspiration from world-famous old school rock bands such as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam, fusing together elements of classic and modern rock to produce an incredible track truly worthy of being called ‘hardcore’ – just listening to the intro, the first thing you hear is an amped-up electric guitar, followed by thumping drums to create a colossal baseline that the rest of the song rides off of. The vocals accompany this heavy backing track perfectly to create a fusion jam that sounds out of this world (in a good way), which anyone can enjoy, as long as their volume isn’t up too high.

Find out more about Outsound and their music online on Bandcamp, and Facebook.

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