Corey Taylor Teases ‘CMF2’ Further With Latest Single ‘Talk Sick’

On Wednesday, legendary vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Corey Taylor released the third single, ‘Talk Sick’, from his second solo album, ‘CMF2’. After recording ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ with Slipknot, which received widespread critical acclaim, Taylor chose to focus on his individual career, recording and releasing his first solo album, titled ‘CMFT’, in 2020. Now, he’s soon to follow it up with the sequel, which releases in mid September.

Taylor has had a brilliant career over the past three decades, with his work with Slipknot and Stone Sour being both critically acclaimed and incredibly commercially successful. In particular, Slipknot’s 2019 release, the aforementioned ‘We Are Not Your Kind’, reached top 10 on nearly all worldwide charts and was universally critically acclaimed. Despite both Slipknot and Stone Sour being incredibly successful, Taylor hadn’t gotten as much of a chance to express his own musical style and feelings as he could on his own – a revelation which lead him to start work on ‘CMFT’ in 2020. Releasing in October 2020 to moderate success and very high acclaim, Taylor felt obligated to record a follow-up for the piece, titled ‘CMF2’. The album’s singles have already released to great reviews, with ‘Talk Sick’ receiving the same distinction.

Following up the more emotional style of ‘Post Traumatic Blues’, ‘Talk Sick’ hails back to the iconic Slipknot sound that we’re so familiar with. Screaming guitars and hard drums accompany Taylor’s iconic vocals as he paints a picture through his lyrics, detailing the toxic elements of daily life and the idea of herd mentality. After living through events which he touches on in the song (and other songs off the album), Taylor is sick of the way people live; hence the title of the song, ‘Talk Sick’. It’s a message that a lot of people can relate to, and even those who can’t can still enjoy the music; it’s still Corey Taylor, after all, and his musical brilliance is hardly rivalled.

Listen to the ‘Talk Sick’ music video down below and pre-order/pre-save ‘CMF2’ here.

Corey Taylor - Talk Sick (Official Video)

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