Sun & Flesh – ‘Dig In Deep’

Sun & Flesh know that hard rock is all about making sharp snaps between clean and dirty sounds; the juxtaposition of heavy and light, comfort and terror that makes the best rock songs, well, rock. The band’s very name does it too – the comfort giving sun in congruence with the ominous sounding flesh.

The Brooklyn-based band have always featured the playing of dark and light – the chiaroscuro of sound if you will – and that was even before they started working with Dan Korneff, who’s known for producing the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, and Papa Roach, among others. Korneff has taken their sound and sharpened it all around the edges, enabling Sun & Flesh to create their most explosive songs. He says,

“The reason why I developed an early interest in this band is because the songs were so good. I can’t wait for people to hear what I hear.”

Latest single, ‘Dig In Deep’, is an amalgam of a wide range of influences, including grunge, classic metal, and alt-rock. What sets it apart from other bands is the skill of the musicians in the band, who when put together work as a well-oiled machine. Jonathan Serwinowski on drums is a thunderous master, while Matt Brewster growls on bass, Stefan Reinberger’s lead guitar is irresistible, and Christoph Manuel’s vocals are at the same time both filled with anguish and soaring melody.

‘Dig In Deep’ continues with the same success the band had with their previous releases, including ‘Heaven’, and ‘I Don’t Care’, both of which earned them plaudits with both media and fans.

The music video for ‘Dig In Deep’ carries over the intensity of the song in a manner that’s both entertaining and somewhat disturbing. Shots switch between alluring, and distressing imagery. The group perform in the library of a house in the suburbs, while a group of women are in attendance. As the music increases in intensity, growing louder and more furious, there appears gory and grotesque images, including insects, monsters, entrails…and a priest, leering with milk oozing from his mouth. Even the women have by the end of the video transformed into something a bit more sinister, and their intentions are also revealed to be far from innocent.

You can watch the video for ‘Dig In Deep’ below. Sun & Flesh are online on Twitter.

Sun & Flesh - Dig in Deep (Official Music Video)

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