Desert Sessions - Photo Credit Andreas Neumann

Joshua Homme’s Desert Sessions Release New Music Videos In Association With The New York Film Academy

Joshua Homme’s Desert Sessions collective is proud to unveil the first fruits of its expansion into visual collaboration: Homme’s recent meetings with students at the New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus have resulted in unique works by two filmmakers, each of whom was given a production budget to translate the music and lyrics of the Desert Sessions into their own vision.

Triple Treat From Roberto Domino Basile And Friends With ‘Preciosa’ (ft. Katie Jade), ‘Silent Fire’ (ft. Katie Jade) and ‘0-1 September’ (ft. Cristina Caro)

Roberto Domino Basile has the certain skill of being able to put together a formidable arrangement. He’s enlisted the help of many breath-taking singers, such as Katie Jade, whose voice empowers ‘Preciosa’, and ‘Silent Fire’, and Cristina Caro, who puts in a spine-tingling performance on ‘0-1 September’.