Sunny Side Up: Memphis Artist Jeff Hulett Releases Double A Side ‘Sun Recordings’

Released on February 25, ‘Sun Recordings’ is the double-A side single from Jeff Hulett. Recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, it comprises ‘Spin Your Wheels’, and ‘This Bird’, with Hulett’s vocals sounding more like Tom Petty than you could imagine possible.

Jeff Hulett is the drummer for Memphis band, Snowglobe, and he also plays guitar and sings with Me & Leah, his collaboration with Leah Keys (who also sings, and plays banjo). He’s also contributed to a number of high-profile bands over the years, but it’s as a solo artist that Hulett has hit his stride, releasing several records via Seattle Washington label, Small Batch Records, on Bandcamp. 

‘Sun Recordings’ were recorded at – extraordinarily – the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis. The tracks have an incredible sunny quality about them, which could in equal parts be down to Hulett’s drawling vocals, and to the pace of the music. Instruments used on ‘Spin Your Wheels’ include guitars, keys (Hammond organ?), and a light dusting of drums; close your eyes and it’s possible to see Hulett and his band providing the entertainment on a slow riverboat cruise. Big wheel keeps on turning!

‘This Bird’, which comes with a lyric video (see below), speak of an aeroplane (the bird of the title) that’s going to crash. The protagonist prepares for the worst, and sets his life in order. The plane lands safely however, but still, it causes him to assess his life, and when he returns home he gives thanks for his blessings. The song can certainly serve as an analogy for our experiences the past two years. Those of us who’ve survived should not take it for granted, but rather count our blessings, and tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

‘Sun Recordings’ by Jeff Hulett, is out now via Small Batch Records, and is available on Bandcamp. You can also stream it on Spotify. Find out more about Jeff Hulett and his music online on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Jeff Hulett - This Bird lyric video

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