(Re)Introducing The UKs Hottest House Music Act… D:Ream

Reminding you what it means to be alive, Pete Cunnah and Al McKenzie are set to return as D:Ream, after 14 years. 

Filling a real gap in the market for feel-good house tunes, D:Ream has always brought us a unique mix of club-kick and real song arrangement that has always produced powerful and exhilarating anthems. 

And what great timing! A year deep into a seemingly never-ending pandemic, and morale is low – meaning that D:Ream’s music is more vital than ever. The uplifting sounds of D:Ream have already inspired some quarantine spirit, when their hit song, ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ became an anthem for Nottingham’s residents as they blasted it when clapping for key workers each week.

New material will begin to filter through when ‘Meet Me At Midnight’ is released on 16th April. A retro-fitted house tune, with dreamlike vocals and cheeky lyrics set atop a blaze of programmed drums and synths, ‘Meet Me At Midnight’ is a hopeful tune which will see us out of lockdown and onto the dancefloor!

Fingers crossed that the good vibes of D:Ream can banish away the pandemic blues that the last year has put us through, and will see us through into a summer of dancing!

OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS is released through Radar Music via Sony Orchard on the 23rd of July 2021, just in time for a summer of freedom and dancing, and is led by the dream-like single ‘Meet Me At Midnight’ which is released 16th April 2021.

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