Triple Treat From Roberto Domino Basile And Friends With ‘Preciosa’ (ft. Katie Jade), ‘Silent Fire’ (ft. Katie Jade) and ‘0-1 September’ (ft. Cristina Caro)

Although music has always been his absolute passion, Roberto Domino Basile was reticent when it came to sharing his gift with the world; he had to have it exactly right before he put himself out in the public eye. But now the time has come, and we have not one, not even two, but three of his songs – and accompanying videos – to share.

Basile is the possessor of an unfailing ear for melodic development. He has the certain skill of being able to put together a formidable arrangement. His songs, all of which are the fruits of many years of labour, have been brought to life by a world-class team of instrumentalists, and he’s additionally enlisted the help, as well as the incredible interpretive talents, of many breath-taking singers, such as Katie Jade, whose voice empowers ‘Preciosa’, and ‘Silent Fire’, and Cristina Caro, who puts in a spine-tingling performance on ‘0-1 September’. The vocal performances are things of incredible beauty and sensitivity, and effortlessly straddle the divide between classical music, orchestral pieces, and sophisticated pop.

Basile has paired each of these songs with an elegant, poetic, dreamlike music video that underscores and deepens the themes.

‘Preciosa’ takes a cogent stand against sociological ignorance and argues, fiercely, for interpersonal harmony:

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‘Silent Fire’ is inspired by the plight of the oceans, and the cruelty of those who scoff at the ecological future:

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Last, but by no means least, ‘0-1 September’ is a tribute to the heroic generation that fought World War Two:

Cristina Caro - '0-1 September' [Official Video]

Basile has, in short, provided us with a complete package: art, sound, and message, with each element working together to provide a single evocative effect. It’s a generous gesture from a late-blooming composer with multitudes to share.

You can find out more about Roberto Domino Basile here.

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