Jedward Introduce The JedHawk Ahead Of Brand New TV Series

Back in March John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward, shaved off their trademark, and quite frankly iconic, quiffs, to raise money for a cause that’s very close to their hearts, Irish Cancer Society. The event, in honour of their late mother Susanna, raised more than 3 million Euros.

Since that time, fans and followers have got used to their shorter hair, but even so in that time, it’s grown considerably, leading the Dublin musicians to yesterday introduce a new style to fans – the JedHawk.

The Shires, Our Number One Country Act, Play Live This Weekend In An Exclusive Streamed Gig Via

The Shires are probably our most successful Country artists and just before lockdown last March, they released album number four ‘Good Years’ but had to put their tour on hold. The tour has been put back to 2022 but they are going to treat their fans, and hopefully some new fans, to an exclusive live gig to be streamed on Saturday, April 10th via Stabal. You can find out more here.

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 25

The Essential Advent Calendar: Merry Christmas! Jedward Inspire Us To ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ As We Go Into The New Year And Decade

We’ve had The Essential Advent Calendar for a few years now and usually when it comes to December 25 we summarise the songs we’ve featured over advent. This year is going to be different. It’s the end of the decade. When we go back to reality after the Christmas/New Year period, and work out how to remember how to write the date, it’s no longer going to be the 20-teens, we’ll have entered the 2020s. And ultimately, it’s up to us to decide whether it’s going to be a time of prosperity and positivity or not: will we have a Roaring 2020s, or will we just go along with whatever is given to us, accepting it as our lot in life, no matter how miserable it makes us feel?