Amy Winehouse’s ‘You Know I’m No Good’ Receives The Zoe Scott Bossa Nova Treatment

International recording artist Zoe Scott has stepped into the world of Bossa Nova with her debut album ‘Shades Of Love’. Produced by Moogie Canazio who is known for his all analogue-recording style, Zoe Scott wanted to take songs that meant something personally to her whilst paying homage to the genre.

One song receiving the Bossa Nova treatment is ‘You Know I’m No Good’ which is taken from the late Amy Winehouse’s second and final album ‘Back To Black’.

Filmed in London with iconic backdrops such as the London Eye, Waterloo Bridge and shots of Camden, Scott understood that with worldwide performers on pause due to the global Covid-19 situation she wanted to offer support by sponsoring dancers across the world in Rome, New York, Rio, Malibu and the aforementioned London. This soon transformed into the #DancetheWaveofLove Project with Matt Harris and Tanya Foy dancing in Winehouse’s home city through cobbled streets and stunning architecture.

The lead vocal is soft and complemented by the rich orchestral arrangement courtesy of Torcuato Mariano who also contributed a fluid acoustic guitar and strident B3 Hammond organ. The orchestra set-up was a grand affair with twelve violinists, six viola players, four cellists and two basses all creating a full-rounded sound.

In conclusion, Scott has taken a well-know hit song and managed to put her own vocal style across instead of making a note for note copy which has to be commended. The video uses its location well through a variety of shots and captures the passionate dancing with such precision. A well-shot video from a talented lady who has surrounded herself with like-minded creative individuals.

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