COMING SOON: Allegra ‘He Ain’t You’

For fans of glistening pop music that makes you feel something other than just wanting to get up and dance, this brand new single by the unbelievable up-and-coming pop-star Allegra is the one for you. Previously announced on BBC’s The Ultimate Playlist, ‘He Ain’t You’ is scheduled for  release on the 14th of April. We were given a sneak preview the spellbinding new single that flourishes with a coming of age flair, illustrating a maturity as an artist.

This track defiantly isn’t the one to put on in the background whilst you go about your day. Bursting with emotion and sincerity, ‘He Ain’t You’ bases itself around the theme of a previous relationship, dancing around the palms of the past, caught in its grip. Compared to her usual style of songwriting, Allegra has really taken the time to try and hone in and develop her sound, evolving her artistic identity. Allegra strips back her catchy pop hooks, opting for an entrancing mid-tempo beat layered with an honest vulnerability in her lyrics.

“But if I close my eyes just for a second It just might do | I know it’s not fair | But just for a second | I need to forget that he ain’t you”

The single comes paired with a magnetic video that strays away from Allegra’s usual upbeat dance filled videos.

Starting her musical journey at just 14, where she begun to record her own singles, Allegra has come so far in achieving a factitious dream. Battling it out for chart positions against your own idols must be an overwhelming experience, but one that Allgera has handled with an admirable, unshaken manner, as she has continually reached top 2 chart positions against the likes of Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris and Ella Henderson. 


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