Rayon Baugh Speaks To Us About ‘City Of God’ And His Inspirations

We recently covered Virginia based Christian songwriter and musician Rayon Baugh and his single, ‘City Of God‘, which was inspired by the words of Psalm 46, in the Old Testament. Lisa took the opportunity to discuss further with Rayon about his faith, his music, and his inspirations.

Hi Rayon, thank you so much for speaking to us!

Your single, ‘City Of God’, exhorts us to put our trust in God to get us through all our hardest times, “our very present help in times of trouble” – how do you feel God has helped you through the troubling times of the Covid-19 Pandemic of the past 2 years?

I believe I came down with COVID symptoms. I had a fever of 103 and felt very sick. I felt so weak. There were times I had to lay on the floor because the bed just wasn’t enough to comfort me. In my weakness I prayed to God for strength, and I worshiped him. My wife called upon other prayer intercessors to pray for me. I did not go to the hospital, but the doctors called every day to check in with me and to see if my fever was getting any higher. After I regain my strength, I tried to sing a song, but my lungs could not handle a simple note. Because of His grace and mercy, he restored my health and my voice as if I was a new person. He removed every remnant of the virus from my body. I can truly testify that He was and is my refuge and strength.

Your inspiration for the song is very clear, it’s directly from Psalm 46. What comparisons can we make between the time it was originally written, around 1450-1500 years before the birth of Christ – and the time we’re living in now? What solace can we draw from these words?

This was a time when children of Moab and the children of Ammon and others beside them came against Jehoshaphat the king of Judah to battle. They were a great army and Jehoshaphat feared them. Jehoshaphat and the children of Judah called upon the LORD GOD and praised and worshipped HIM. God spoke to them and told them that the battle was not theirs but is the LORD’s. They trusted in the LORD and as they praised and worshipped the HIM, He destroyed their enemies. God was their refuge and strength in their time of trouble. We can draw solace from that, knowing that the LORD God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If we call upon HIM, and offer up our praise and worship unto Him, He will fight our battles for us. He will be our refuge and strength in times of trouble.  

 I feel this song could be a very inspiring chorus to sing in Church. How has it been received?

I am getting very good response from all those who hear “CITY of GOD.” I am praying that it will go very far so many will be encouraged and use it as their daily inspiration.

What is the songwriting process for you?

Wow! this is a good one. I don’t think I have a specific process. A song can come to me at any time and in various ways. Sometimes I would be driving, and a melody and lyrics will come to me simultaneously. I would use my phone and sing a line or two down so that I can work on it later.

Another way is when I am having my personal devotion with God. I would just press record on my phone and let myself be free in worship. When I am finished, I would listen back to see what God has downloaded in me. I also get songs in my sleep. I would hear a song, or I would sing a song in my sleep. I would wake up and grab my phone and record what I heard and then go back to sleep. When I am awake, I would listen back what I recorded on my phone and then finish the composition. These are the different ways that songs come to me.

While there is none good but God, is there any person in your life who’s been your biggest inspiration? What about musical inspirations?

I must say that I have a huge support system. My parents, my mom and dad, and my wife are my immediate support and inspiration. Musically, I would say Bob Marley. His music cuts across cultures and religions. He is a musical icon and a fellow Jamaican that sang songs of peace that literally stop civil unrest in my country of birth.

Now we’re coming out the other side of the Covid Pandemic, what lays ahead for you?

I am working on my album called ACALL2WORSHIP so, I will be in the studio a lot. I am also looking forward for live shows and tours as the countries opens and everything goes back to some normalcy

And finally, I ask this question of everyone I speak to – what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview but nobody ever does? And what’s the answer to that question?

If I would give up singing the gospel for secular music. The answer is No.

You can follow Rayon Baugh online on his official websiteFacebook, and Twitter. Watch the video for ‘City Of God’ below.

Rayon Baugh - CITY of GOD(Official Video)

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