Is it Now Possible to Recreate the Las Vegas Experience at Home?

Las Vegas has long been known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and it attracts nearly 50 million people every year. It may be best known for its casinos and gambling, but it also has a flourishing music scene. In recent years, though, the need for music and casino fans to make the long journey to the west of the USA may be waning. This is because there are various ways to get the same experience without having to hop on a plane.

Cha:dy Releases ‘Lazy’, A Moving Song That Looks At Mental Health In Young People And Launches A Big Year For This Outstanding Talent

Cha:dy is a Parisian alt-jazz singer who, last week, released new single ‘Lazy’. Taken from a forthcoming EP, it shines a light on young people suffering with mental health. Having suffered herself, Cha:dy was able to tap into her innermost emotions to write a song that is as honest as it is moving. Steve Holley had the chance to speak with Cha:dy.

How Musicians Can Make Money During the COVID Crisis

This year is a tough one to be a musician. Performances are still a major source of income for most of them, and with lockdowns making a comeback, many might be concerned about what to do next. The good news is that musical talent is a very valuable skill and one that is in much higher demand than you may imagine. It can also be monetised if you use the right methods. This could be a good time to start looking at additional streams of income. Let’s take a look at how musicians can make extra money during the COVID crisis.