Daniel Joy Releases A Tribute To The Shy Guy As People Everywhere Start To Wonder What Face To Face Dating Will Be Like. ‘How to Talk to Girls’ Is Out Just In Time To Help!

A global pandemic has changed many things. It’s become normal to wear a mask and not know if the person you just smiled at responded, or even noticed the slight change in your eyes as, yes, you’ve got a mask on too. Dating and chatting to the opposite sex has become something we have done almost exclusively on line and virtually. For well over a year we have fretted about camera angles, that slight double chin we didn’t know existed, lighting and what the background told the person you were chatting to about yourself.

The one thing we haven’t really worried about is the fact that suddenly we have to deal with talking to each other again in real life. Love and trying to find it suddenly feels daunting again. We all feel strangely shy again.

Daniel Joy, the latest in a crop of great talent out of Denmark, is worried and he’s put his fears and insecurities out there in a song for everyone to hear. To a slick backdrop of an upbeat and very catchy vibe, he sings about the fear, anxiety and butterflies of putting yourself out there again. In a lyrical and musical twist the dichotomy of the upbeat music against the anxiety of the lyrics perfectly sums up that twist in the stomach that everyone feels when the ponder the problem of ‘How To Talk To Girls’.

Here’s a few words from Daniel on the song:

“”How to Talk to Girls” is a tribute to the shy guy. I recall the awkward moments in bars, you know, the moments where one of your friends introduces you to this girl, and you suddenly turn into a silent and uncomfortable shell. It’s just as much about impressing your friends, as it is finding the courage to actually talk to a girl you’ve just met. No one wants to be known as the shy and awkward friend sitting in the corner and I can think of a dozen times where a book for dummies or a tutorial video would have come in handy. I still don’t know what’s going on – so here’s a song about it!” – Daniel Joy

Stream and download ‘Shy Guy’ here.

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