Los and the Deadlines – Perfect Holiday EP

Picture 1Los and the Deadlines new EP, Perfect Holiday, is smashing with heavy guitar riffs, sporadic noise making, and in your face vocals that challenge the complacency of social norms in today’s Western civilization and pays tribute to the concept of music with no rules. The new EP, Perfect Holiday to be released July 13th 2015, has a sound that is vast in many different styles and influences; incorporating grunge, noise rock, thrash, and punk into a style that is referred to as art-rock; but whatever it is called, it ROCKS!

The EP’s cover evokes the emotion of disorder and chaos induced by city life, displaying an out of focus photo of an almost demolished building in London, and providing the perfect irony for the albums name, ‘Perfect Holiday’. Los and the Deadlines describe their origins, stating, “The seedy underbelly of any major city spawns some of the most depraved and morally reprehensible dregs of society who seek one another out to join in a range of dubious behaviours, making music being one of them.”
Picture 5One of their songs off the new EP, ‘Feel At Ease’, has a creative song form as the first part evokes a feeling of chaos, disorder, and discomfort with the use of sporadic noise from the guitar, bass and drums that keep a driving rhythm, and a narrative style vocal. The singer has a strong and powerful presence and lyrics that make you wanna throw your middle finger in the air to the many unnoticed absurdities of Western living that exist day to day. As the song goes into the chorus it shifts into a more rock riff style , similar to bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, with a rocking guitar riff and melodic vocals that are paired with the perfect harmony parts.
The song ‘The Youth’s Opinion’ is also another song that follows this same song style as it goes from a talking style to a melodic style of vocals and incorporates unique riff style guitar parts that occasionally drift toward punk and noise rock giving it a sound that can be compared to the style of System Of A Down and Descendents.  It also breaks into a Rage Against The Machine type riff that proves to be a great build up to finish out the song.
Songs like ‘Batshit Crazy’ have a great noise making guitar with similarities to Tom Morrello’s style of guitar by use of pedal effects and has a more distinct style then the other songs on the EP that really helps it to stand out.  Another song that stands out is ‘We Lust To Shop For Nothing’ which has a more riff rock style that is reminiscent of an awesome rock band, The Sword, and has a great delayed solo at the end that really trips the song out and adds another dimension to the bands style.
Los and the Deadlines music is definitely diverse in the way that they pack so many different styles and influences into each of their songs keeping the music interesting and original.
Picture 2The Arizona native and lead vocalist/guitarist of Los and the Deadlines, Alex LoSardo, moved to London in 2010 and later met guitarist Neils Bakx, and because of their common influences and interests they began to compose music together. After several line up changes and the release of two EPs, the band recruited Italian drummer Alberto Voglino and Israeli bassist Rotem Haguel.
In support of their new EP, Perfect Holiday, Los and The Deadlines will be playing live shows throughout The UK and Europe. For more music and info on Los and the Deadlines and their new EP, Perfect Holiday, coming out on July 13th 2015 visit them on iTunes, Souncloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.




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