CONCEPTUAL ART – Professor And The Madman Resurrect Prog-Rock On New Album ‘Seance’

Professor and the Madman are not a band you could accuse of lacking ambition. Seance, their fourth album and second to feature the much…

picture by Sam Wells

CONJURING THE SPIRIT OF THE PAST- Professor And The Madman’s Sean Elliott On The Quartet’s New 1970s-Inspired Concept Album ‘Seance’

Though mostly written and recorded before the waking nightmare we’ve come to know as 2020, Professor and the Madman’s new album seems oddly prescient….

MODESTY BLAISE – Little Big Head Duncan Reid On The Boys, The Birth Of Punk And Latest Album ‘Don’t Blame Yourself’

As bassist and co-singer with The Boys, Duncan ‘Kid’ Reid was at the heart of the late ’70s punk explosion.

Round Eye Ask ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner’ With New Single From ‘Culture Shock Treatment’

Based in Shanghai, China, Round Eye are an experimental punk band who formed in 2012, and right from the get go have been positioning an air of controversy around them. Their new single, ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner’, from their upcoming album, ‘Culture Shock Treatment’, is a raging typhoon of ferocious guitars and freaking good sax.

Jordan Rome Releases Country Punk 7″ – With A Celtic Twist

Jordan Rome, from Hays, Kansas, grew up without any idea of a social or music scene, and consequently when it came to making music, he didn’t know he should “choose” between different styles. This isn’t of course, a bad thing, as it’s meant that he was able to pick and choose his sounds from a wide variety of genres, the result making his music a fluid combination of country and western, punk, and folk.


“Bloody Valentine” is Machine Gun Kelly’s first highly anticipated single from his upcoming album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’.

Ancient Whales – ‘Giving’

Ancient Whales have a compelling sound – garage rock that contains more than a hint of punk – that works well with their equally intriguing name. In fact, the band name is matched by that of the members themselves, Enoch Bledsoe, Natalie Bledsoe, and Oakley Munson. Not to be outdone is the title of their latest album, ‘Vestiges Of Tails Appear In All Of Us’, set for release on April 24 via Owlphabet Records, which sounds like it’s been lifted from ‘On The Origin Of Species’. First single from the album is the more simply named, ‘Giving’, and that’s where the simplicity ends.

CLIFFFS – ‘Manatee’

Released on February 14, ‘Manatee’ by CLIFFFS (yes, with three Fs) is from their new album, ‘Panic Attack’. The punk band from Dallas is fronted by John Dufilho, best known for being a member of Deathray Davies, and Apples In Stereo.

The 1865 - picture by CP Krenkler

FABLES OF THE RECONSTRUCTION – NYC’s The 1865 Evoke The Past To Shine A Light On The Dark Underbelly Of Trump’s America

If there’s any succour for those feeling demoralised and disenfranchised by the current state of world politics, it’s the revival of a fierce musical…

An Old Friend – ‘Nesting’

An Old Friend is a well-oiled machine, the talented band ably supporting lead singer Cody Kohler’s vocals in their latest release, ‘Nesting’.

Founding Member Of The Lunachicks Went To Rancho De La Luna With One Of The English Beat, And A Punk From DC, To Make A Record With The Beloved Dave Catching: Here’s What They Told Us

Los Angeles band Dirtycakes play Rock And Roll. And they play it LOUD. The group has a varied background, including world tours, political activism, and criminal records, but the band itself comes together in a union of Punk with a DIY ethic, to share the love and angst. Song topics include drugs, emotional turmoil, day to day struggles, and politics – a mixed bag, making the group an interesting one to get to know. Lisa had a chat with Dirtycakes to see what makes them tick.

THICK AS THIEVES – From The Jam’s Bruce Foxton On Weller, Buckler And Reviving ‘Setting Sons’ For A 40th Anniversary Tour

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the best part of half a century, you’ll know Bruce Foxton as one-third of one of the best bands Britain has ever produced.

JOBSON’S CHOICE – The Skids’ Frontman Discusses His Life, Music And Upcoming Warts ‘n’ All ‘Evening With…’ Acoustic Tour

If ever there’s a walking embodiment of punk’s have-a-go attitude, it’s Richard Jobson. Exploding out of gang-ridden working class Fife in the late 1970s,…

Wild Wing Takes A Languid Look At ‘New Futures’ With Fourth Album

Los Angeles band Wild Wing is the coming together of four lifelong friends, originally from the San Fernando Valley. The quartet blend together a variety of genres, including but not limited to country, synth-punk, and garage rock, with their lyrics peppered with political satire. Their fourth release, ‘New Futures’, is set to come out on June 21. We preview the track ‘Me ‘n Mine’.

Broken Baby – ‘Meat Week’

‘Meat Week’ is the latest release from Broken Baby, and was released on April 19. It’s a punk-infused, politically charged track, inspired by the not so pure past of recent addition to the US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

Cage The Elephant Take Some ‘Social Cues’ From New Album

Released today, ‘Social Cues’, the fifth studio album from London-based Kentucky band Cage The Elephant is a sobering and deeply personal glimpse into the marriage breakdown of lead singer Matt Schultz.

STOP YOUR MESSIN’ AROUND – Neville And Christine Sugary Staple On 40 Years Of 2Tone, Knife Crime and The Specials’ New Album

For those old enough to remember, culturally and politically 1979 was shaping up to be a pretty grim and demoralising year. In February Sid Vicious…

American High – ‘U.N. Article 14’

From Sacremento, California, punk band, American High have released their new album, ‘U.N. Article 14’. The group make catchy 60s infused music, all with a social consciousness that’s been missing in a lot of modern music. All proceeds from the album go to the Sacremento Food Bank and Family Services.

Devin Tait’s ‘By My Side’ Is An 80s Style Anthem With A Modern Heart

Devin Tait earned his musical stripes as a member of queercore band, Shitting Glitter, back in the early 2000s. His latest single, ‘By My Side’, is from his forthcoming album, ‘Art Damage’, and reflects the UK artists of the 1980s who are at the core of his inspiration.

REAL HORRORSHOW – Scars Guitarist Returns With ‘Cross-Generational Sci-Fi Glam-Punk’ Outfit VoiceX

Bursting out of the Edinburgh punk scene of the late ’70s, Scars were a potent mix of youthful aggression and serious songwriting chops. Their…

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