The Black Pitts - picture by Eadbhard Conghaile

HOT CHIPS – Dublin’s The Black Pitts Resurrect The Ramones’ CBGBs Sound On ‘Nevada Jacks’

Propelled by the twin vocal attack of Ive on guitar and bass man Ado, The Black Pitts are unapologetically loud, down and dirty.

Inspired by the spirit of 1976, they’ve been tearing it up around Dublin’s fair city for more than a decade and Nevada Jacks is their second album.

Released by Peter Jones‘ of Paranoid Visions FOAD Musick label, it comes crashing out of the speakers like a monster truck through the side of a building.

Delivered with real confidence and verve, the album pulses with raw energy and the best compliment I can pay is that it sounds live!

Guitars scream, bass lines throb and PV’s Jay Bagnell‘s BIG drums power the whole juggernaut along in a very satisfactory manner.

Cover art for The Black Pitts 'Nevada Jacks' album
Nevada Jacks cover art

The influence of punk’s early innovators on both sides of the Atlantic is keenly felt.

Guitars sound a bit like the Sex Pistols at times, there’s the knockabout sleaze of early Damned and dare I say it even a bit of Sham 69‘s Jimmy Pursey about some of the vocals.

But far and away the most dominant inspiration is The Ramones, as The Pitts clearly share da Brudders’ love of aggressive short songs and strong melodies.

While deliberately rough and ready, the songs are tight and well constructed, with two very distinctive voices adding spice to the lyrics.

The tale of a ghostly visitation, stand out track Laughter in the Dark (see below video), shows there’s a lot more going on here than just three-chord thrash.

Honourable mention too, for the rollicking Therein Lies The Rub – all galloping guitars and knowing humour.

So while it may not win too many prizes for orginality, Nevada Jacks authentically revives the essence of ’70s punk without sounding hackneyed or tired.

A blast galvanised by CBGBs’ past perhaps, but no less exciting for all that.

  • The Black Pitts’ Nevada Jacks will be available on vinyl with a free CD and two bonus download tracks. Order here
  • The band play an album launch show at Dublin’s Wild Duck on June 26 with 50 Foot Woman in support
  • More about The Black Pitts on their website and Facebook page

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