Vancouver Musician Alex Maher Set to Release ‘Aether’ EP on February 27

Multi-instrumentalist Alex Maher is releasing his much awaited EP ‘Aether’ on Monday, February 27, at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, BC with supporting acts Small Town Artillery and Best Night Ever. Alex’s music fuses elements of soul, pop, funk, and jazz with insightful lyrics relating to the pitfalls of modern life.

Life isn’t easy — loss, addiction, heartbreak and the rat race take their toll, and Aether is the process of coming out the other end, ‘Into the Light’. Beginning in the Vancouver music scene in 2001 as a founding member of Nettwerk Recording Group Flannel Jimmy, Alex followed up with solo and collaborative releases in 2004, and most recently 2007’s DNA6 album, ‘Human Condition’. Aether is Alex Maher’s first solo album in over a decade. Drawing influences from Sade, Elliot Smith, and Stevie Wonder, Maher creates lush layers and complex harmonies all with a driving rhythm that will make you want to move. The album’s debut single, ‘No One Else’ is a humanitarian call to action with a soulful groove that crescendos into an incendiary sax solo. Tracks like ‘Into the Light’ and ‘Submarine’ boast a blues-pop guitar style reminiscent of John Mayer. Maher’s solution to the struggle of the human condition is in the music. Up tempo Latin funk grooves on ‘Say’, and the colourful chords and sax highlights throughout the album underscore his message of hope.

After years of indulging the dark side of the industry, Maher has found a way to channel his living into his art. With a storied career of collaborating with a variety of artists, Maher has made an impression on his industry peers. Hip hop artist Kyprios asserts, “Alex Maher is easily amongst the purest talents I have come across during my 20 plus years in the music industry. A gigantic multi-instrumentalist possessing singer/songwriting chops, immeasurable gifts as a saxophone player, plus an innovative guitarist with an affinity for percussion, Alex’s enormous jackknife skill set is only matched by his genuine personality and dependable work acumen. A true talent and incredible human being.” With relatable lyrics and thick grooves, Aether will leave you feeling uplifted and wanting more.

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