Join The EMMPIRE: Lisa Speaks With Singer/Songwriter And Producer EMM

Singer-songwriter, and women’s advocate, EMM uses her powerful vocals and edgy lyrics, to showcase her point of view. A producer, who is also a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, EMM has a hand in every instrument on every track, every word she sings, and every melody you hear. She is also helping to change the woeful statistics of women in music, which currently stands at around 5% of producers in the industry today being female.
EMM has performed around Los Angeles to audiences in the largest arenas, and small intimate club gatherings. Her social media following is growing by the day, and her most music video, ‘FREEDOM’, has garnered more than a million views.

Lisa spoke with EMM about her life, her music, and what she stands for.

Chicago Producer Geedomane Addresses A Modern Phenomenon In New Single ‘Ghost’

We’ve probably all done it, whether we knew there was a name for it or not. “Ghosting” is when you unexpectedly break all ties with someone you’ve been in a relationship with – whether it be a person you’re dating, or a friend or acquaintance, even in some extreme circumstances, members of your family. Chicago based artist/producer Geedomane addresses the concept with his new song, ‘Ghost’, an energetic track with a hard-hitting beat, and a memorable chorus.