‘Lunacy’s Back’ With First Single From Upcoming Album By Alaskan Artist Paul Jacks

‘Lunacy’s Back’ is the new single from Alaskan multi-instrumentalist Paul Jacks. Out now, it’s taken from his upcoming album, ‘Black Jackal’, which is set for release on December 4, through Tritone Records.

Jacks received critical acclaim for his second solo album, ‘In Other Words’, and should do likewise for ‘Black Jackal’, if ‘Lunacy’s Back’ is anything to go by. The record is a concept album, which sees him take on a futuristic persona drawn from Egyptian mythology, as he delves into  the transition to the afterlife.

‘Lunacy’s Back’, the first taster of the album, was originally written in 2003, and it’s clear from the very start that Jacks has put everything he has into this album. A massive tune, it opens with with drum machine rhythms – a repeated keyboard phrase, joined by a 4/4 time beat, which is in turn augmented by a hand-clapping tone – and that’s just in the first 10 seconds. It starts to swell instrumentally at about the 30 second mark, where it’s joined by more drums, trumpets, and Jacks’ swirling vocals. There’s a really pleasing echo effect added to his voice, which gives the already large tone an additional fullness, perhaps even a roundness. We’re put in a dreamlike state; it’s a fantastic opener to an album – your senses are heightened and you’re put in the mood for more.

Speaking about the album, Jacks says it represents our “journey into the dark to discover the light which has the power to transform us”. Although Paul Jacks is a multi-instrumentalist, he’s brought in Dan Konopka, of OK Go, to help out on the live and electronic drums.

‘Lunacy’s Back’ is out now. ‘Black Jackal’ is set for release on December 4, through Tritone Records. You can find out more about Paul Jacks online on Facebook, and Tritone Records.

Listen to ‘Lunacy’s Back’ below:

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