Paul Jacks Channels The 80s With ‘Foolish Pride’ And ‘Big Lie’

Today sees the release of two new singles for Paul Jacks, following hot on the heels of his third solo album, ‘Black Jackal’. The dual single of ‘Foolish Pride’, and ‘Big Lie’, has Jacks teaming up with producer and mixing engineer, Alex Newport. The tracks are a part of Jacks’ singles series between albums, with his next dual release set for February 12. 

Paul Jacks – ‘Black Jackal’

We wrote about Paul Jacks a mere week ago, with his single, ‘Lunacy’s Back’. Now he’s released the title track from his upcoming album, ‘Black Jackal’, which is set to come out December 4.

‘Lunacy’s Back’ With First Single From Upcoming Album By Alaskan Artist Paul Jacks

‘Lunacy’s Back’ is the new single from Alaskan multi-instrumentalist Paul Jacks. Out now, it’s taken from his upcoming album, ‘Black Jackal’, which is set for release on December 4, through Tritone Records.

Paul Jacks – ‘Too Emotional’

It’s not often we get to review the music of artists from Alaska. We’ve written about Paul Jacks before, who comes to us from Anchorage, the capital, whose long, bone-shatteringly cold winters, and closeness to active volcanos, make it a place highly likely to stir up creativity in even the most frozen of hearts.

Paul Jacks - photo credit Sonny Ogle

Paul Jacks – ‘Laid To Rest’

Anchorage Alaska is a long way from anywhere, and its very isolation, as well as its long winters, and sheer beauty, work together for the good of artists such as Paul Jacks.

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