Chicago Producer Geedomane Addresses A Modern Phenomenon In New Single ‘Ghost’

We’ve probably all done it, whether we knew there was a name for it or not. “Ghosting” is when you unexpectedly break all ties with someone you’ve been in a relationship with – whether it be a person you’re dating, or a friend or acquaintance, even in some extreme circumstances, members of your family. Chicago based artist/producer Geedomane addresses the concept with his new song, ‘Ghost’, an energetic track with a hard-hitting beat, and a memorable chorus.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Geedomane started out on the bass guitar, before expanding into electric guitar, and then adding beat production, rapping, writing, recording, producing and mixing as further strings to his musical bow. His debut EP, ‘Vanquish’, was released last year, to much acclaim, with some great reviews of both the EP itself and individual tracks on music sites such as Sound Of Now, Unsigned Heat, Unsigned Radar, and Tone Flame.

New single, ‘Ghost’, sees Geedomane rapping over a catchy instrumental track, is on the surface, speaking from the perspective of a man who wines and dines his dates, then “goes ghost”. The catchy refrain of, “I went ghost”, in conjunction with the repeated musical motifs will remain in your head long after the song has ended, and you will hit replay again and again, in order to fully unpack all that is in the track. Initially we feel that the man is being harsh by dropping his dates without a word; but we realise later that it’s because he’s found out something about them – they are cheating on him, they’re after something he can’t give, they’re lying – and he does the only thing he feels he can. It’s an interesting look a phenomenon which is altogether too common in this time of social media and online communications.

You can find out more about Geedomane online on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and his official website. ‘Ghost’ is available to stream on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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