Stylz Milleon Shows Off His International Influences In New Rap Single, ‘Good 2 Yuh’

Born in Liberia, and growing up in New Jersey, Stylz Milleon’s journey as an artist took him to Miami, where his musical style benefited from the Caribbean rhythms he heard, and the Afrobeat his West African mother favoured. Furthermore, Stylz has travelled the world, experiencing Ivory Coast, Germany, Austria, and New York, each place offering their own influences to his musical influences.

Ragga Lox Reflects On His Career As A Musical Artist With ‘Climbing To The Top’

‘Climbing To The Top’ is the name of Ragga Lox’s latest album, and the title track is a reflection of his musical career. He’s consistently moved up and forward, constantly reaching new heights, and moving even further on. Moving from Jamaica to New York gave him the incentive to make his mark, and in ‘Climbing To The Top’ he shares how sacrifices must be made in order for you to get where you want to be.

TYTE Is Joined By SpliffJit And C Stunna On Latest Rap Single And Video, ‘Whole 9’

TYTE’s latest single, ‘Whole 9’, is an homage to his upbringing, which has made him who he is today. With a first-person perspective, we are immersed into the slang, goals, and flexes that TYTE holds dear, as well as supplementary perspectives provided by his collaborators SliffJit and C Stunna, whose fire verses are laid over the classic bass-heavy beat from Ethan “Walk” Jason Walker.