Chicago Producer Geedomane Addresses A Modern Phenomenon In New Single ‘Ghost’

We’ve probably all done it, whether we knew there was a name for it or not. “Ghosting” is when you unexpectedly break all ties with someone you’ve been in a relationship with – whether it be a person you’re dating, or a friend or acquaintance, even in some extreme circumstances, members of your family. Chicago based artist/producer Geedomane addresses the concept with his new song, ‘Ghost’, an energetic track with a hard-hitting beat, and a memorable chorus.

Just Loud Releases Powerful New Track & Video ‘Ghost’

A powerful track that questions how humans deal with love and loneliness, ‘Ghost’ showcases Just Loud’s striking vocals and fearless originality – immaculately blending pop and modern R&B with in-your-face 80’s rock spirit. The video, made in collaboration with artist Aleia Murawski (who was featured in Petra Collins’ In Search of Us show last year at NYC’s MoMa), places Just Loud’s sense of artistic grandeur and enigmatic presence front and center.