Delena Releases Eponymously Titled EP

Ukrainian born, London based multi-instrumentalist Delena has released her eponymously titled debut EP on 15th February.

The 5-track production starts off strong with previously released single ‘Animal’, a track with a strong soundscape that is accentuated by the Kiev-born talent’s powerful vocals.

‘Perfectly Designed’, slow build haunting track comes next, where her talent for lyricism comes into play, before piano-led ‘Holy Ground’ shifts the tone of the record as the classical-tinged track brings out the influence of her contempory music learning in full bloom.

In contrast, comes the thumping bass of penultimate ‘Done’, as her husky, sassy delivery blending with a catchy instrumental leave you swaying along.

Final song of the offering ‘Movement’ is a beautifully put together end- as the sonically and vocally charged track crescendos to a perfect ending- satisfactory, yet with a want for more.

Delena is not a stranger to hard work, as she has worked herself way up to success with her grit, determination and raw talent, now delivery her own praise-worthy brand of her distinctive, sassy sound of pop.

You can find Delena online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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