Have You Called ‘SOS’ Yet? Delena Unleashes The Anthem For Our Times

‘SOS’ is the latest offering from Ukrainian-born Delena, who makes it clear that she is taking no prisoners with the dance song with a message.

Written during the fallout of a bad relationship, ‘SOS’ is a breakup anthem to stand amongst the greatest. Using lyrical choices to create the sense of a state of emergency, Delena takes the universal theme of a breakup and infuses it with an urgency that we see present in our world at the moment.

With the backing of a fresh and ever-intriguing instrumental, Delena sings about the fall out of a breakup with earnest, her vocals coming in as a longing echo with just a hint of the power in her foundations. This power is unearthed during the explosive chorus, in which Delena unloads in a form of catharsis.

‘SOS’ is so much more than just a pop song, it’s a call to arms and a political stance at the events of 2020. Inspired by Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’, this track shows we all have an emergency button” (Delena herself speaking about the songwriting process).

“Mine was pushed when I was recording ‘SOS’… It’s a song based on my own personal experience. Sometimes, in order to heal you have to admit your own vulnerability – in my case it was writing and recording this song. Letting everyone know it’s out there and that I’m not afraid anymore felt very empowering.”

Delena is fast making a name for herself as one of the UK’s most exciting new names in pop, with alternative aesthetic music videos racking up over 5 million streams. This Ukranian-born singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is no stranger to hard work. Her perseverance and strength certainly comes out in her music, and ‘SOS’ is no exception. 

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