The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show Release Single ‘I’m So Angry I Could Vote’

The English group The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show released their latest single, ‘I’m So Angry I Could Vote’, off their upcoming album, ‘Folkadelica’. Detailing the stark contrast between the French and English political situations, where riots in France were caused by a seemingly insignificant decision, while in England, politicians can do what they please without fear of backlash, the song is an energetic anthem that calls for action from the English people.

Don’t let the name fool you – these guys aren’t doctors (we think), and there’s not just two of them. Instead, The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show is an eight-man outfit from Dorset County, England. Formed in 2016 and touring the country ever since, the group have become widely recognised around Dorset for their unique fusion of Americana, country and punk (alongside other genres), filling out venues wherever they go. The octet have both been touring England and simultaneously working on their studio albums for the better part of a decade now, with their most recent work, ‘Folkadelica’, nearly completed – a snippet of which we can see in ‘I’m So Angry I Could Vote’.

The most recent part of the 11-track album, as previously mentioned, is a protest song of sorts, pointing out the flaws of the English political system in contrast to the events happening in France currently. It takes the group’s traditional method of fusing different genres such as country, punk and rock to create an anthem, and dials it up to 11, creating a perfect accompanying track for the group to voice their frustrations with English politics through the song. ‘I’m So Angry I Could Vote’ is such a convincing track, it might have you marching through the streets in protest after a quick listen – even if you’re not the political type, it’s still worth lending your ears to for the music alone.

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