MisterWives Release Fourth Album, ‘Nosebleeds’

Earlier today, the indie pop band, MisterWives, released their latest album, ‘Nosebleeds’, on Photo Finish Records. The American group describes their latest work as a vast emotional experience, differing from any of their previous music but still rooted in similar sound. They also announced a tour with fellow band BishopBriggs to promote the album, starting in early September and going across the United States of America until late in October.

The New York City quintet formed in late 2012, when lead singer Mandy Lee wanted a band to play for her birthday party. She came into contact with the rest of the future band members through the rest of 2012, and the band first performed as MisterWives (a play on the term ‘sister wives’, flipped to suggest polyandry instead of polygamy) in early 2013, at the Canal Room in N.Y.C. They were signed to Photo Finish the next day, and released their debut EP, ‘Reflections’, in 2014. Ever since then, the band have slowly grown an audience, and charted multiple albums on the Billboard 200, achieving a high degree of success for an indie pop band, a trend they wish to continue with ‘Nosebleeds’.

The group have had a tumultuous journey since the pandemic, with their 2020 album ‘Superbloom’ being their first to miss the charts, and having to drop founding member Jesse Blum from their lineup. ‘Nosebleeds’ sees the band piece themselves together and come back even stronger than before, taking a fresh approach to the album’s production, with more influence from punk rock compared to their previous work. As a result of this novel approach, ‘Nosebleeds’ is a pleasant departure from their previous work that anyone can pick up and enjoy in a matter of minutes.

Listen to their new album, ‘Nosebleeds’, here.

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