Ancient Whales – ‘Giving’

Ancient Whales have a compelling sound – garage rock that contains more than a hint of punk – that works well with their equally intriguing name. In fact, the band name is matched by that of the members themselves, Enoch Bledsoe, Natalie Bledsoe, and Oakley Munson. Not to be outdone is the title of their latest album, ‘Vestiges Of Tails Appear In All Of Us’, set for release on April 24 via Owlphabet Records, which sounds like it’s been lifted from ‘On The Origin Of Species’. First single from the album is the more simply named, ‘Giving’, and that’s where the simplicity ends.

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Los Angeles band Dirtycakes play Rock And Roll. And they play it LOUD. The group has a varied background, including world tours, political activism, and criminal records, but the band itself comes together in a union of Punk with a DIY ethic, to share the love and angst. Song topics include drugs, emotional turmoil, day to day struggles, and politics – a mixed bag, making the group an interesting one to get to know. Lisa had a chat with Dirtycakes to see what makes them tick.