Ancient Whales – ‘Giving’

Ancient Whales have a compelling sound – garage rock that contains more than a hint of punk – that works well with their equally intriguing name. In fact, the band name is matched by that of the members themselves, Enoch Bledsoe, Natalie Bledsoe, and Oakley Munson. Not to be outdone is the title of their latest album, ‘Vestiges Of Tails Appear In All Of Us’, set for release on April 24 via Owlphabet Records, which sounds like it’s been lifted from ‘On The Origin Of Species’.

First single from the album is the more simply named, ‘Giving’, and that’s where the simplicity ends. Ancient Whales come out like a bull at a gate – guitars shredding hard and fast, while the vocals are raw and powerful. The sheer ferocity with which the vocals are spat out will leave you thinking the song is a lot longer than it is: but it actually comes in just shy of 2 minutes. You’ll also be forgiven for thinking this is some recently uncovered single by The Clash or the like, rather than a group who are currently making their home base in Miami, South Florida. Yes, I was surprised too.

Ancient Whales have been around for about 10 years, with a revolving suite of musicians, which have included Bryan Poole, and Shaun Ringsmuth, and they have found their songs featured on Athen’s Popfest, Athfest, Chattanooga’s Do Ya Hear We Fest, and ‘Bloodfeast’, the Adult Swim show on Cartoon Network. Not surprisingly, they’re the darlings of the festival set, and in previous years have shared the stage with the likes of The Shine Brothers, Mr. Elevator And The Brain Hotel, and Thelma and the Sleaze, among many others.

The music video for ‘Giving’ is a comparative stroll when you consider the savageness of the music. Focusing on the band members making their way to a club, it bears no relation to the music itself, but rather makes the viewer feel as though we’re on a night out with the trio. You can watch the video below:

Ancient Whales "Giving" Music Video

Ancient Whales can be found online on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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