The Essential Advent Calendar: December 19

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 19 – Nubia Rose Speaks With Us About Her New Single, ‘I Want Nothing For Christmas’ As Well As Her Life And Music

Last month we introduced you to US-based Brazilian artist, Nubia Rose, with her festive single, ‘I Want Nothing For Christmas’. Nubia Rose has had an extraordinary life – so far – and never says never when it comes to following her dreams, and she’s certainly packed a lot of living into her life. We had the opportunity to chat to this incredibly talented and lovely lady, about her life, her music, and her inspirations.

Florida’s DigDog Gives Us ‘One Guarantee’ With Latest Single

Jacksonville, Florida trio DigDog are proof that you don’t have to be born in a particular place to call it your home, and likewise, blood doesn’t make a family. True, Brad Metz is a Florida native, but his bandmates Alexei Dotsenko, and Jack Ringca are, respectively, from Russia, and, “a man of the world”. Together the three of them have found not just home, but also a family. Their new single, ‘One Guarantee’, sees the three come together with an approach to music that doesn’t just showcase their individual musical talents, but also their own influences and inspirations.

Ancient Whales – ‘Giving’

Ancient Whales have a compelling sound – garage rock that contains more than a hint of punk – that works well with their equally intriguing name. In fact, the band name is matched by that of the members themselves, Enoch Bledsoe, Natalie Bledsoe, and Oakley Munson. Not to be outdone is the title of their latest album, ‘Vestiges Of Tails Appear In All Of Us’, set for release on April 24 via Owlphabet Records, which sounds like it’s been lifted from ‘On The Origin Of Species’. First single from the album is the more simply named, ‘Giving’, and that’s where the simplicity ends.

Disney Like A Pro, Quick Service Food At The Magic Kingdom

As I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I am a huge Disney Fan! Some of my earliest memories are of me in front of the TV dancing along with the penguins in Mary Poppins and riding on my dad’s back pretending to be Aladdin. As I got a little older, my weekends were full of cartoons like Recess, Pepper Anne, Doug, The Weekenders, etc on Disney’s One Saturday Morning. So, when my family asked if I wanted to join them in the Happiest Place On Earth over my sister’s reading week break, you all know I said yes!