Ancient Whales – ‘Giving’

Ancient Whales have a compelling sound – garage rock that contains more than a hint of punk – that works well with their equally intriguing name. In fact, the band name is matched by that of the members themselves, Enoch Bledsoe, Natalie Bledsoe, and Oakley Munson. Not to be outdone is the title of their latest album, ‘Vestiges Of Tails Appear In All Of Us’, set for release on April 24 via Owlphabet Records, which sounds like it’s been lifted from ‘On The Origin Of Species’. First single from the album is the more simply named, ‘Giving’, and that’s where the simplicity ends.

King Ropes – ‘California Stars’

Describing themselves as, a “psychedelic, hard country garage roots rock band”, King Ropes’ new single, ‘California Stars’ is a ponderous pounding pysch track that has strong overtones of Tom Waits. It’s from their new album, ‘Gravity And Friction’, which is set for release on July 26.

N8 Releases Latest Single ‘Lush’

Based in Los Angeles, N8 has just released his latest single, ‘Lush’, the follow-up to his critically acclaimed self-titled EP. The single was released on December 14.

‘Can’t Steal My Deal’ – International Collective Urban Fu$e Blend Genres With New Single

Urban Fu$e are a five member musical collective whose membership and musical taste spans the globe.

TEHSKI – ‘Say Nothing’ (feat. Valentine) [Tehski Remix]

Nick Teske is an electro music producer and DJ from Margaret River, Western Australia, who works under the name of Tehski. He’s also one half of DJ duo Kachina, founded in 2013, who are making a name for themselves around Western Australia. Tehski’s latest track, ‘Say Nothing’ (ft. Valentine) is a remix of the track by Fly Flamingo.

Figga Announces New EP Release ‘New Woolwich Wave’

Figga are a hip-hop trio from London’s South-East. Their EP, ‘New Woolwich Wave’, will be out on February 10.


We heard about Tanya G not too long ago after the release of her debut single ‘Can’t Feel Your Love’. Since then rumour has it that Tanya has been working on some new releases to not only spice up the music scene but also let her fans know what’s up!

Vita Bergen Release New Album ‘Disconnection’

Sweden’s Vita Bergen are set to release their new album, ‘Disconnection’ in April in the UK, through Glitterhouse Records.

Birdman Culture – ‘Rolling Thunder’

After a particularly dramatic launch into ‘Rolling Thunder’ and just when you are expecting an explosion to happen it very quickly takes on an entirely different pace and direction.

Introducing: The Turning

Formed in early 2013, The Turning are a 4-piece Indie/Garage outfit from West London.

The Shy Lips – ‘Bahia Part II’

Indie rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden, The Shy Lips are back with another slice of infectious and energetic rock n’ roll in the form of their new single ‘Bahia Part II’.

New Release: The Valkarys – ‘(Just Like) Flying With God’

Formed in 2006, The Valkarys are an Edinburgh based psychedelic/garage band.

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