We heard about Tanya G not too long ago after the release of her debut single ‘Can’t Feel Your Love’. Since then rumour has it that Tanya has been working on some new releases to not only spice up the music scene but also let her fans know what’s up!

Guest interviewer Martha caught up with Tanya and had the opportunity to find out whether these rumours are true and what we are to expect from the ‘Sassy Garage Newcomer’ in the near future. 


EP: What made you decide to go Solo?

TG: I think it was just something that we were all feeling in my EX-girl group ‘Fe-Nix’. Things were just getting a bit too intense and we all had different ideas. As a result I decided to go solo, mainly because I now have creative control over my music.

EP: You often identify your genre of music as Garage, what influenced you to come up with that decision that you want to be known as a Garage artist?

TG: Well I grew up on Garage so I relate a lot of memories with Garage music. Therefore, whenever I sing Garage it gives me a good feeling. Good vibes. I also have a love for dance music and urban music in general, so I find that Garage is a mixture of the two types of music. Which works out perfectly for me!

EP: Yes, and we understand that you’ve actually worked with one of the producers on Drake’s single ‘One Dance’ that has been Number 1 on the single charts for the past 8 WEEKS! So what is your relationship with that producer?

TG: Well the relationship is that, as you mentioned I have worked with the producer ‘Paleface’, who produced Kayla’s track ‘Do You Mind’, which is the same track that has been sampled in ‘One Dance’. So yeah, Paleface actually produced the remix of my debut single ‘Can’t Feel Your Love’. Which is a good camp to be apart of at the moment!

Tanya G 3

EP: That must be exciting! As we can most definitely see the success of that camp, we’d like to know what projects you’re currently working on at the moment?

TG: I have been filming loads of acoustic sessions for internet based channels. Also been writing and recording new music *wink wink*. I also have some new pictures and visuals from my latest photoshoot, which I’m EXTREMELY happy with. So you can check those out on my website, as well as any updates.

EP: That sounds promising! We at EssentiallyPop and also most of your fans are dying (not literally) to know if you’ll be releasing more music soon and if there will be any collaborations?

TG: Yes! I will be releasing new music in the next few weeks (look out for that). And in terms of collaborations, I hope to collaborate with some reggae artists on my first album 🙂

Tanya G 4

EP: A bit of Garage and Reggae never hurt anybody. We’re looking forward to that as well as any upcoming announcements from you! Over the past few months you’ve been doing radio interviews, and also a show for one of the radio stations.  How do you feel your performance at Sound Fusion Radio’s event went?

TG: I felt that it was okay. There is always room for improvement, and i’m always trying to better myself and improve my craft!  I AM MY BIGGEST CRITIC!

EP: That is understandable and it’s nice to see artists continuously trying to improve and better the quality of their art, as it makes us music lovers feel more important and loved really. So do you have any special message you would like your fans to know?

TG: That I really appreciate all their support on my journey onwards and upwards, and my day one supporters will not be forgotten. They will all be getting front row seats, when i’m performing at my first arena show!

EP: Aw, what a sweet message. So tell us one random fact about yourself Tanya G!

TG: I write songs better when it’s the first thing I do in the morning. No idea why! Lol

To listen to Tanya’s debut single ‘Can’t Feel Your Love’, stream it here on Spotify or Soundcloud.

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